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Quality is not a coincidence; it is the philosophy of the Swiss family-run company Burgerstein

With the largest range of micronutrients carried by Swiss retailers, Burgerstein Vitamine has been doing people good for 50 years. Science, respectability and evidence are the basis of every single Burgerstein product. We only bring products to market if we are convinced of their benefits – that is our priority.

The cornerstones of Burgerstein quality

  • Honest products with proven benefits Produced according to Swiss formulas based on scientific data
  • Quality-tested ingredients with good usability in the body
  • Natural raw materials wherever possible or sensible 
  • Good tolerance - all Burgerstein products are free from artificial colours, sweeteners, synthetic flavours, preservatives and gluten.
  • High proportion of active ingredients, as few excipients as possible and only as much as necessary for guaranteed quality and stability 
  • Quality controls throughout the manufacturing process by means of internal tests and external laboratories. 
  • Carefully selected, specialised producers

Honest products with Swiss formulas

Benefits for the customer are at the forefront of every Burgerstein product. Each formula is prepared on the basis of scientific data by academics from our own research and development department in Switzerland. Renowned external scientists and partners are also involved. The composition and content levels of products are optimally tailored to the needs of the body.

Valuable ingredients with good usability

The raw materials for Burgerstein products are selected with the utmost care. Only quality-tested ingredients of pharmacopoeia quality or equivalent are used. In addition, care is taken to use substances that occur naturally in the body or in food and so can be optimally absorbed by the body.

Good tolerability – only as many excipients as necessary

To ensure good tolerability, the amount of excipients is kept as low as possible. The additives used ensure optimum quality of the end-product and protect sensitive micronutrients, for example, against oxygen, light and moisture. This guarantees that the products are available in the desired Burgerstein quality even after opening the tin. All Burgerstein products are free from artificial colourings, flavourings and sweeteners as well as artificial preservatives.

Quality controls

Burgerstein products that are approved as medicinal products are produced in accordance with the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and are filled, controlled and released in our certified premises in Rapperswil in accordance with the specifications of the Swiss Medicines Agency (Swissmedic).

Our food supplements meet the strict requirements of the Federal Food and Veterinary Office (BLV). In addition, the raw materials are regularly analysed in certified independent laboratories. After the final products have been filled in-house, they are checked and approved in the company's own quality control department. Externally conducted tests enable us to ensure that we continuously exceed the high internal stability specifications and quality requirements.

Close cooperation with scientists and associations

To investigate the areas of application of micronutrients in studies, Burgerstein Vitamine regularly collaborates with international and Swiss research teams (universities, clinics, etc.). In this way, product development can be optimised on the basis of new scientific findings. For years, Burgerstein Vitamine has also been working closely with Swiss-Ski and Swiss Olympic medical professionals to provide athletes with optimum support. When designing new products, great importance is also attached to a good dialogue with sports physicians.

Advice from specialists

Burgerstein attaches great importance to expert advice and expert sales. Our motto is therefore “Health needs advice”. For over 20 years, specialists have been offered a wide-ranging continuing education programme with seminars and conferences.

Learn more about Burgerstein on the “About Burgerstein” page.

Awards stand for the quality of Burgerstein products

Most trusted brand: Burgerstein is the most trusted vitamin brand in Switzerland

For over ten years in a row, Burgerstein Vitamine has been awarded the “Most Trusted Brand Award” for vitamin products. This is a great motivation and shows that we can continue to build on the combination of nature, quality and science in the future.1

Loyal customers prove the benefits

Our customers place great trust in Burgerstein products on the way to achieving their goal of “health and a joyful life”. Market research showed that an above-average number of customers regularly buy or use our products and also recommend them to relatives and acquaintances.2


Sustainability is important to us - we offset 100% of our CO2 emissions for the entire company. Together with myclimate, Burgerstein Vitamins - Antistress AG is actively committed to climate protection and offsets the CO₂ produced.


1 Source: Reader’s Digest | Trusted Brands 2020 Switzerland –  DIALEGO, Aachen – Swiss data base: a total of 2,300 Swiss respondents aged 18 and over – representative of the Swiss population aged 18 and over. 

2 Source: In-house market research in cooperation with LINK; a total of 1,026 respondents – representative of the Swiss population aged 18 and over; December 2018.